Ten Tors


Cadets can attend Ten Tors training, which starts in January and runs through to the event in May. During the training they are assessed for selection for the teams that will take part in the event. There are different distances ranging from 35km to 55km depending on the individual's age.




Initial Expedition


Initial Expedition training form part of the First Class Cadet syllabus during which cadets are taught on the principles of map reading. They then put into practice their new skills to the test.


Expedition planningFinally reached our destination.




Cadets conduct night exercises on a regular basis to practice skills in concealment and field craft and initiative tasks.

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Windermere & Fairbourne


Windermere and Fairbourne are two purpose built ATC adventure training Camps. Set in the Lake District & the Welsh countryside it offers many activities for the cadets to enjoy from hill walking, abseiling, mountain biking, kayaking an much more.


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