Emergency Exercise

Cadets from the Squadron joined forces with Air Cadets from 1876 (Kingsbridge) and 2377 (Plympton) Squadrons and Army Cadets from Ivybridge Detachment to witness the reactions of the emergency services to a staged collision between a motorcyclist and a car outside the Ivybridge Cadet Centre. Cadets responded to the incident to provide 1st Aid skills taught in cadet training and gathering vital information with the assistance of the PANIC mobile phone app before calling the emergency services. Click on images for the full size image.









Cadets get a briefing on scene safety from Police Sergeant Olly Tayler


Exercise starts with a frantic call for help, cadets rush out to assess the situation with the assistance of the PANIC app

The HEART ambulance quickly responds to the 999 call from the cadets.


The cadets give a brief to the medics as they take over the treatment of the seriously injured motorcyclist.



Cadets continue to give 1st Aid to the two casualties in the car by manually immobilising the casualties necks.


The Fire Service arrive and immediately provide light on the scene.



The Fire Service coordinate with the medics to assist in getting the first casualty out of the car.


First casualty is out of the car and secure on a spinal board. The cadets continue their assistance to the driver allowing the medics to stabilise the passenger.

The cadets input now over their details are taken by the police as part of the investigation



The Fire Service ready the car to for it to have some modification

  Now on a spinal board work to stabilise the motorcyclist continues

The car is now a cabriolet thanks to the Fire service's cutting equipment Spinal board is fed in behind the casualty.

The last casualty is out and being near ready for going to hospital