Cadets who have passed set modules towards their 1st Class Exam are eligible to go Air Experience Flying or AEF. Following a briefing and fitting with safety equipment they are flown in a two seated plane called a Tutor. The pilot will give you the opportunity to take control of the plane. For the more experience flyer wanting more excitement instructions are given for aerobatic manoeuvres. However flying is not restricted to two seat aircraft. Cadets are sometimes offered flights in various other aircraft of the Royal Air Force including overseas flights where they may end up else where in the world - for a few hours at least before being flown back.


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Cadets can experience powerless flight in gliders operated by Volunteer Gliding Schools. The Viking is winch launched and has no engine. Experience flights in gliders are known as GICs (Glider Induction Courses). Cadets undertake three GICs teaching cadets the principles of gliding. Once cadets have successfully passed three GICs, subject to a successful medical, cadets are able to undertake their Gliding Scholarship the aim of which is for the cadet to be able to safely undertake a solo flight.