Congratulations to Cadet Sergeant Michael Willis and Acting Cadet Corporal Sophie Cade who have both passed Part 2 of the Staff Cadet Exam. Both cadets had previously passed their 1st Class, Leading, Senior and Staff Part 1 exams to be awarded a BTEC Certificate in Aviation Studies (equivalent to a GCSE Grade C). Part 2 of the Staff Exam is an oral interview with a Wing Staff Officer. Squadron Leader Perriam interviewed both cadets and commented on how well both had performed. In passing their Staff Classification both cadets will now be able to wear the Staff lanyard and in completing a project and a further interview can achieve a BTEC 1st Diploma in Public Services.



Cadet Sophie Cade, 16 years from Bittaford, and the Squadron Warrant Officer, WO Lynn Parsons, have just returned from a week expedition in Southern Germany where they took part in the annual Air Training Corps Nordic Ski-ing Expedition. Each day the cadets and staff were set challenging targets cumulating in a final test at the end of the week. WO Parsons achieved the Bronze Award in Nordic Ski-ing while Cadet Cade just missed out due to a minor injury. WO Parsons was presented her Award by the commandant of the Air Cadets, Air Commodore I Stewart Bsc RAF.




Cadet Sergeant Tony Howcroft is the third cadet from the Squadron to gain his Silver Wings on passing his Gliding Scholarship. To pass a gliding scholarship in an achievement in itself for which cadets are issued with their Blue Wings. Silver Wings are only issued when cadets reach a standard that satisfies the Instructors they are competent to fly the glider solo in a final examination flight. In addition to his Silver Wings Sgt Howcroft has also passed his BTEC in Aviation Studies and will be leaving the Squadron next month as he has been accepted into the Royal Air Force.


The Squadron has moved from temporary accommodation into new temporary accommodation at The Erme Primary School until the new Joint Cadet Building is completed at a site at Filham Park. The RAF have agreed to fully fund the new building to ensure there are no further delays to its completion. Plans have been re-submitted to South Hams District Council and a planning decision is awaited. The new Temporary accommodation has the added benefit of the use of more than one classroom which assists staff when instructing cadets in different subjects.


Cadets from the Squadron had a visit from Devon and Cornwall Police dog handler PC Martin Le Blanc together with his general purpose dog Blue and his drugs search trained dog. PC Le Blanc gave a presentation on how his dogs work followed by a practical demonstration. Blue had no problem in finding various items hidden around.

WINGS DOUBLE - Posted 05 Jan 08

Air Cadet Sergeant David Woodward, 18years, from Ivybridge has added to his Silver Wings, attained for going solo at the end of a gliding scholarship, a further set of wings for successfully completing a flying scholarship. Sergeant Woodward's interest in flying was accelerated after joining the Air Cadets in Ivybridge at the age of 13 years. He has completed several flying sorties in the Grob Heron in which he was first able to take the controls of an aircraft. Flights in gliders provided an interest in non-powered flying which led to Sergeant Woodward completing a Gliding Scholarship in 2007 before going on to complete his Flying Scholarship at Dundee Airport. The aim of the scholarship is to send cadets on their first solo in up to 12 hours of flying.
Various general handling exercises had to be completed before progressing onto circuits. Exams in aviation law and aircraft limitations are undertaken and only if all exams are passed are cadets then allowed to progress to go on to conducting a solo flight.


339 Squadron Commanding Officer, Flight Lieutenant Adrian Corfield said, "It is a great achievement to gain one set of wings. The Squadron had many cadets flying in gliders or the Grob Tutor last year with two cadets achieving their Silver Wings for going solo on their Gliding Scholarship. For Sergeant Woodward to gain his second set of wings is an achievement he should be extremely proud of. I have every confidence that his flying career will continue long into the future"



Cadet Corporal Tony Howcroft has been awarded a certificate for coming in 2nd place in the model competition at the Caiel's Trophy weekend, an event in which all 30 plus units of Plymouth & Cornwall Wing compete against each other. Model competition is hotly competitive and Cpl Howcroft's second place is a good achievement. Squadron Commander, Flight Lieutenant Adrian Corfield said, "Cpl Howcroft is to be congratulated in his achievement. He is right to be proud of his 2nd place."



Three cadets from the Squadron attended the Wing Athletic Trials last weekend and returned with two gold and two silver medals. Cadet Diane Neza the current Air Training Corps national champion was defending her title at javelin and made a perfect start by coming first in the Wing trials and attaining a gold medal. Cadet Rachel Styles also attained a gold medal for her effort in the shot putt competition. Cadet Styles also achieved a 2nd place in discuss and received a silver medal. Cadet Joseph Cioffi's efforts was in the track events and gained a silver medal for his second place in the 800 metre competition. All will now represent the Plymouth and Cornwall Wing at the South West Regional finals in June. Squadron Commander, Flight Lieutenant Adrian Corfield, said, " All three cadets are to be congratulated for their achievements in this highly attended and fiercely competitive event. We wish them well in the next stage of the competition".



Two cadets from the Squadron have been selected to represent the Wing at the Regional Championships following athletics trials at Par. Cadet Rachel Styles and Cadet Diane Neza will travel up to RAF Lyneham before the Championships at Tidworth on 4th June 2006. Cadet Styles qualified after winning gold in the shot put competition.



Five cadets from 339 (South Dartmoor) Squadron have successfully completed their round the world flight in an Airbus A340. Their challenge required them to fly the airliner around the world making 17 stops. The challenge took a little over 62 hours and they completed it without even leaving the ground as the whole challenge was on a flight simulator. The aim of the challenge was to raise funds for an aviation based charity and they have raised over 300 in pledges which will be donated to the Devon Air Ambulance Trust.



Five cadets from 339 (South Dartmoor) Squadron are planning to fly an Airbus A340 around the World, stopping in 17 destinations while doing so. They will be taking off from the UK on Saturday 17 December and aim to land back home two days later. They of course will not be flying the real thing, they will be flying the twin engines airliner on a flight simulator. They will however be following all flying rules and travel along airways with realistic settings. The challenge is aimed not just as a venture but to raise sponsorship with all funds raised going to the Devon Air Ambulance Trust. Anyone wishing to follow the cadets can view their progress by logging onto the Squadron website while if you wish to support the cadets fundraising contact the Squadron Commander, Flight Lieutenant Adrian Corfield on 07879 464657 or make a pledge to 339sqnatc@supanet.com



SQUADRON ON THE MOVE- posted 06 Jun 05

In order to allow Ivybridge College to expand the Squadron has had to move out of its HQ of seven years  to temporary accommodation elsewhere on the college grounds. The new accommodation consists of an office located on the tarmac playground accessed via Marshall Fields. Cadets are housed in a temporary classroom until a new classroom close to the office is built in the next couple of months.


A new permanent site in Ivybridge is still being sought to house a joint cadet building which will be shared with the Army Cadet Force.


CADET GAINS HIS WINGS - Posted 15 May 04

Cadet David Arnold has successfully undertaken his Gliding Scholarship training. His Scholarship scheduled for seven days of intense training was cut to five days after he proved his ability by gaining his Silver Wings by flying solo. Cadet Arnold had previously undertaken three gliding induction courses before applying for the Scholarship. Not content with his Wings for gliding he is now aiming to undertake further training in powered aircraft.


Cadet Warrant Officer bows out. - Posted 22 Mar 05

CWO Stephen Danbury has hung up his cadet parade boots for the last time having reached the upper age limit for Cadet Warrant Officers. He joined the Squadron in 30 June 1998 since which he has attended two annual camps, and risen through the ranks to the highest rank cadets can achieve. However, Stephen does not intend to retire completely as he has already applied to become a Civilian Instructor and hopes to be back into uniform soon as an Adult Sergeant. Stephen, who is currently studying hospitality management and hopes to become a catering organiser, has two sisters and a brother all of whom have been or are still cadets in the Squadron. The Squadron Commander, Flight Lieutenant Adrian Corfield said "Stephen will be sadly missed as a cadet though we are please to welcome him as a member of the adult staff. He has guided the Squadron's cadets for a number of years, we are pleased to welcome him as a member of staff."


Dock Yard Visit - Posted - 07 Mar 05

9 cadets visited Devonport Dockyard on the 16th Feb, the visit included a tour of the Type 23 frigate H.M.S. Somerset, the cadets saw the Bridge, Operations room, the Ship control Centre, the Wardroom and a junior rates mess. Then it was up to H.M.S. drake for lunch in the junior rates mess, a meal enjoyed by all, some even had seconds!

After lunch the Frigate refit complex was visited where the cadets saw a variety of vessels in different stages of refit. This was followed by a trip on a crew vessel from Western Mill to Drakes Island and back, fortunately the weather was good and nobody had the misfortune of having their lunch again!

The trip was finished off with a visit to the Hangman's cell in the historic South Yard, this was probably the highlight of the visit for the cadets.


Posted  - 27 Feb 05

Civilian Instructor Stephen Levenson has reason to celebrate, he has just passed his board to become an Acting Sergeant ATC. Mr Levenson, an ex-cadet of the Squadron will now parade in uniform and have to pass the Senior Non-Commissioned Officers course within the next twelve months. Squadron Commander, Flight Lieutenant Adrian Corfield RAFVR(T) said "Mr Levenson is the first staff member to hold the rank of Acting Sergeant. The rank has recently been introduced under the Laser Review together with the ranks of Sergeant and Flight Sergeant. Mr Levenson fully deserves this post."


Posted -  24 Feb 05


The Squadron has received it's own banner kindly

donated by an anonymous person. The banner is a

smaller version of the ATC standard with the

Squadron's name endorsed across it.

Posted 28 Aug 04

Cadet Sergeant Lauren Marshall scored highly in the individual competition to finish 20th out of over 500 competitors at the annual inter-cadet shooting competition at Bisley. Despite this being the first time Sergeant Marshall had shot in a competition she score consistently to achieve her score.


Cadets have assisted in the annual Wings collection on behalf of the Royal Air Force Association who help ex-service personnel and widows of ex-RAF servicemen and servicewomen. In total the cadets collected over 232 which, was the highest collection by Plymouth Units. The Wings Trophy for the Unit collecting the highest amount was presented to the Squadron by the RAFA at a presentation evening .


Cadets have not had time to relax in their summer school holidays. Nine cadets went on camp to Belgium while five cadets went on summer camp at RAF Innsworth. Click here for more details.

Other cadets have been up in the air as part of air experience flying. Cadet travelled to RAF St Mawgan to have 30 minute flights in the Tutor aircraft. During the flight in the two seater aircraft cadets were allowed to take control and fly the aircraft themselves. For more about flying
click here


Staff Cadet Emma Stubbles has become the first female cadet to attain the highest rank attainable by an Air Cadet in the Squadron. Emma has been promoted from the rank of Flight Sergeant to Cadet Warrant Officer.

Unlike other cadet promotions the appointment to the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer is made by the Commandant of Air Cadets. following an interview with the Wing Commander. The appointment by Air Commadore Kennedy RAF allows Emma to remain in the Corps to her 22nd Birthday.



New probationer Webster had a good first evening at the Squadron. Having studied from his brother's books prior to his 13th birthday he passed exams on the ATC and RAF. Not content with passing the theory exams he then went on to be assessed at drill and passed with flying colours.

Probationer Webster will now be enrolled as a cadet and continue his studies towards his First class cadet classification. Probationer Webster has is sights set on joining the Royal Air Force as a fighter pilot.